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Colombia - a paradise for travellers or a taboo due to civil war? Tell us your opinion about Colombia!
A military conflict between the Colombian government and the guerilla threatens the country since the 60s. The rate of homicide and kidnapping has risen mainly in the 90s. Nevertheless, is it safe to visit the country after the recent developments or would it be better to stay away from the country? The opinions vary. Federal foreign offices of various countries advise against traveling through the country. On the other hand, many travelers returning from Colombia report that it is safe enough to visit. The purpose of this forum is to get a general idea about travel experiences in Colombia.
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The security situation is better than its reputation, as long as common rules are respected and certain areas are avoided, Colombia is a save place to explore.

The security situation does not permit to visit the country. Therefore my opinion corresponds to the warnings of foreign ferderal offices of various countries.

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My experience in Colombia: The security situation is better than its reputation, as long as common rules are respected and certain areas are avoided, Colombia is a save place to explore.
My experience in Colombia: The security situation does not permit to visit the country. Therefore my opinion corresponds to the warnings of foreign ferderal offices of various countries.
Justin Schuman, USA, wrote on 16.03
My relation with Colombia: Traveled to Colombia with friends for College graduation

Well, I am a white American and since I live in Florida there's a lot of Colombians over here. When I graduated college, many of my friends were Colombians and we decided to go on a vacation to various cities in this country. I speak little spanish but people are very helpful. It is A BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY, and the warnings and media do no justice to such a wonderful place. People are warm, charismatic, and fun to be with. There's always a party or a celebration going on. It is very different from the war-torn country that we all think it is. Police are always present making sure the cities are safe. Obviously you should stay out of places that you would know with a little common sense not to go. FOOD is DELICIOUS. I'd have "Bandeja Paisa" everyday if I could. People should really get rid of the bad image they have of Colombia. As one of my friends say "the only risk is wanting to stay"
elizabeth nelson, USA, wrote on 31.01
My relation with Colombia: Several times visitor

I was totally shocked at how much of a contradiction it was to go to Colombia. I had only heard the bad negative stuff and I was pleasantly surprised to experience the exact opposite! I met the nicest most lovely people! That alone was so great but also there was so much security that I felt much safer there than in many cities in USA! There are police all over the place and they make it very comfortable. Of course I did not go out wandering the streets at night or taking any unnecessary risks as I would not anywhere else. The food was absolutely fabulous and there is much natural beauty to enjoy and discover. I loved the bone soup that is served daily at noon and the fresh fruit juices! I noticed the difference in the Cachacos from Bogota who came to visit the coastal town of Santa Marta. They talk much faster and remind me of New Yorkers in comparison to the sweet laid back Costenos of that area. I have enjoyed myself more each time and will return..
Rachel Browning, USA, wrote on 21.05
My relation with Colombia: Spent two months there as a solo female traveler

In love! I would have never thought to go to Colombia, but while I was in Central America, I had many other travelers recommend it, including other solo female travelers. It was such a great decision! I was supposed to keep going to Ecuador and possibly Brazil, but I fell in love and decided to spend the remainder of my travels there.
I LOVE LOVE LOVE Bogota, it's one of my favorite cities in the entire world. Artsy, beautiful, fun, and the people are lovely! They were so helpful. The constant presense of police made me feel very comfortable, plus they are very helpful themselves. (If I asked direction, they would usually walk me to my destination, and joke around and chit-chat!)
Normal rules of South American travel apply: don't be completely ignorant, don't wander into bad parts of town, and don't wander around by yourself at night. (Same rules that would apply to my native Los Angeles).
But I dream of it often, and will go back the first chance I get.
Diana Roberts, USA, wrote on 28.03
My relation with Colombia: traveled with my girlfriend several times to Colombia.

I am a natural born U.S. citizen and have been to Colombia with my girlfriend to see her family and her country...I have been there many times and every time I go, I fall in love more and more with Colombia..The travel advisories on the net and on tv and unjust and wrong..I have been everywhere in Colombia and have never seen violence..They treat tourists like royalty and encourage you to explore, learn and EAT..The food is delicious, the cities are big and modern and most of all safe..Police and Army are all around and love to see and help tourists..From the mountains covered in coffee, the beaches unspoiled, the fincas and hotels and neighborhoods full of life and family, the same as the U.S., I long to visit soon..I am in love with the country, the people and their warm culture..I have traveled the world and I belive that this is my favorite place to be..It is beautiful, the people are wonderful and it is truly one of the worlds hidden gems..Viva Colombia!!!Thanks 4 the memories..
valeria norec, Colombia, wrote on 17.03
My relation with Colombia: born in colombia lived outside of colombia for fifteen years in a brittish country

Like everywhere else in the world it is appealing to some and not so appealing to others. Definitely appealing to nature lovers! The biodiversity is incredible and contrary to popular beleif it is perfectly safe to do road trips (with standard precautions) in most of the territory, only some places can be considered dangerous; they are by far the minority and they are easy to avoid. The travel freindly territory is vast and it requires alot of time to get to know it even partially. There are i beleive over 30 national parks proteceted by government and all breathtaking without a shadow of a doubt (and huge). Also appealing to food lovers. The typical food is incredibily diverse due to the land produce variety and in my opinion usually fantstic (best in towns). Appealing aswell to anthropologists, artists, historians (and the list goes on forever). Not so appealing to people who are misinformed about national security or who are looking for something that colombia cant offer.